When you need Social Security Disability benefits, you need an attorney with in-depth knowledge of Social Security law – someone trained to work within the system and who knows how to interact with Administrative Law Judges at your hearings. Social Security advocates or non-lawyer representatives may be available, but hiring a qualified Social Security lawyer may give you a better chance to win benefits.*

A Social Security attorney can do all the things a non-lawyer representative can PLUS:

  • A Social Security Disability attorney with an experienced legal background gives you the best representation when your case goes before an Administrative Law Judge.
  • Attorneys have the legal training to write briefs and make legal arguments before judges.
  • Attorneys also have a better understanding of the rules of the courts and the laws.
  • Attorneys are regulated by the bar when it comes to ethics and conduct — including attorney/client privilege.
  • At George & George, we’ll meet with you before your hearing. Some representatives will meet you for the first time at your hearing.

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*November 16, 2001 Congressional Record, Testimony of Honorable Robert T. Matsui of California, regarding the Attorney Fee Payment System Improvement Act 2001.