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When you need an attorney for help with your disability claim, you need someone who knows the judges, doctors and other professionals in the Nashville area.

The attorneys at George & George are based in the Nashville area and represent claimants throughout Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. If you hire a national firm, chances are your case will be handled by someone whom you will not meet until the day of your hearing and someone unfamiliar with the people who may decide your case.

Not only is it important for your attorney to know local professionals, it’s important for your attorney to know you. The attorneys at George & George will meet with you before the date of your hearing to learn about your claim and to get to know you.

Winning your case is very important to your well-being. Let the attorneys at George & George help you. Contact us now.

Before you choose someone to help with your Social Security Disability claim…

Ask if the firm is local.

Ask if your hearing will be handled by an attorney.

Ask if your attorney will meet with you before the day of your hearing.

Better yet, just ask for George & George Disability Attorneys.

Social Security Disability is all we do.

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